Monday, February 20, 2006

Keeping Me Awake

Lindy was a powerhouse of music and song by the time he entered into my little world (Melodeon Studios) and to say there was a colossal buildup of vim and vigor lodged in his melodious pipes would be an understatement. This rampant potential was attempting to break out through the same minor orifice as his breathing apparatus, but somehow the force was laid to rest, first the bed tracks and then a finished master.

Let’s try not to forget this CD “Keeping Me Awake”, it was Lindy’s calling card and it made the music industry listen in a real way and his first Solo CD effort enjoyed some impressive compliments and reviews. Some great musicians gathered around the mics for this project as well, like Drummer Paul Brennan, Rick May on Bass, Stephen Nakleva playing Electric Guitar, Mandolin and Spanish Guitar, Robin Sutmoller on the Violin as I recall, Sean Ashby played the Lap Steel and Jill Geer sang back-up Vocals. Lindy played Acoustic Guitar and sang his songs of course. The whole affair was produced by Rick May & Lindy and recorded & engineered by John Ellis at Melodeon Studios on Vancouver Island, mixed by the meticulous Greg Reely.

I remember some of the songs born to this project like “6th Floor”, “Independence Day” & “Half a Lifetime Away”, and powerful images immerged through the mixture of skills offered up by these more than capable musicians. We had some great sessions and I still say that this is Lindy at his best, I am bias of course. I truly believe that Lindy has that something, that little bit extra, but it will take some intellect on the listeners part to get the message, you’ll have to be the one with your brain turned on or you might have it turned on for you… Visit Lindy's Web Site he'll be touring the UK in the spring of 2006. Make sure that you catch his act and tell him I sent you, who knows maybe he'll have time for a pint.

Posted by: John Ellis.


Anonymous Sally said...

I agree with you completely, "Keeping Me Awake" has to be included in Lindy's discography as a defining moment in his illustrious career. I remember Lindy when he was a member of “Northern Junk” with his brother Kris Vopnfjord, this was one of Victoria’s best bands of that time (c1990s) I believe that Kris is still playing and recording new songs and has a CD released in his name.

Posted By: Sally

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